Gina Dispirito - Creative Director

Gina DiSpirito -Creative Director. Founder. Principal.


Graduating top of her concentration from Providence College with a degree in Humanities and minor in graphic design, DiSpirito has created for such corporate icons as Disney, Hasbro and AAi.FosterGrant. In 1995, ready to go it alone, DiSpirito founded GLAD WORKS. Her stunning design flair, boundless imagination and rare ability to distill our clients' dreams seamlessly onto the page allow GLAD WORKS to do what we do best: ‘explore the possibilities.'

From conservative to cutting-edge design, corporate i.d. to product design and packaging, DiSpirito relishes the variety of designing for many types of projects in many different styles, constantly evolving and keeping our house style fresh. Heavily involved in the community, she has served as Board member to numerous local and regional arts and human services organizations — dedicating herself and GLAD WORKS to countless hours of probono support and service.

Enjoying immense amounts of creative opportunities and rewarding community involvement, she has proudly garnered public recognition, such as a two-time inclusion in Providence Business News' Top Forty Under 40, the EFNE Entrepreneurship Award, the Encore Award for Outstanding Small Business Support in the Arts, and various other design and professional awards throughout her career. Other high profile clients DiSpirito has designed for include Brooks Pharmacy, Delta Dental, AAA, CVS/Lifespan, FDNY, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Kaiser Permanente.

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Creative Director. Founder. Principal.
Adam Harvey - Technology Director. Principal.

Adam Harvey -Technology Director. Principal.


While most kids were playing with Transformers and Stretch Armstrong, Harvey was coding on his first computer, and he's never looked back. A graduate of Youngstown State's Computer Information Systems program, Harvey helped develop both the first ISP in Ohio and some of the Internet's very first websites. He was an IT Director in the corporate world before bringing his technical expertise to GLAD WORKS in 1999.

With a background in web development, programming, e-commerce, search engine optimization, social media, mobile technologies and all things technical, Harvey keeps GLAD WORKS at the forefront of the e-Industrial Revolution. As head of business development, Harvey offers our clients cutting-edge innovation and cost-effective solutions paired with good, straight-talking know-how.

Harvey also shares his acumen with the readers of iPhone Life Magazine as a featured blogger.

In his career, Harvey has engineered technical solutions for groups like the American Heart Association, Block Island Ferry, Christmas Tree Shops, Fire Department of New York, Gulf Oil, Hasbro, Kaiser Permanente, L’Oreal, Style Week Providence, and Waterfire Providence.

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Technology Director. Principal.
Trish Coulter - Account Manager

Trish Coulter -Account Manager.


The first word that comes to mind when we think of Coulter is "diverse." With a wonderful wealth of life, travel, and work experiences she is well versed for the wide range of clients and industries that she works with at GLAD WORKS.

As a BFA graduate in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design, Coulter also holds a few more surprises up her sleeve! She approaches her work with the eye of an artist, the organization of a project manager, and the interpersonal skills of a talented diplomat.

She spent many years as a "beltway bandit" in Washington, DC working for The Missile Defense Agency, Veterans Affairs, TRICARE and The Armed Services Blood Program. More recently, she worked as an account manager in the tech sector for MOO, a fast growing print and design company. Coulter's 10+ years of experience in print, project management, technology and advertising culminate to enhance her vision and keen eye for detail—all helping her to deliver successful and efficient projects here at GLAD WORKS.

Having had the fortune of living in seven different countries throughout her life, Coulter is never afraid to meet new people—in fact, it’s her love for people and natural sense of curiosity that drives her to 'explore the possibilities' for her clients every day. 

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Account Manager.

Sherri Centracchio -Account Manager.


If there is a successful business open and growing in the state, there is a very good chance that Centracchio has first-hand knowledge about it!

Centracchio came to GLAD WORKS as a highly creative and goal-oriented economic development professional with 24 years of experience in the Rhode Island public sector. She combines a strong work ethic with a commitment to excellence and a passion for improving the business climate wherever she sets up shop!

In multiple roles at Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, she worked with public, private, and non-profit partners to create conditions for businesses in all sectors to thrive. Centracchio successfully aided dozens of individuals in realizing their dream of owning a business in Rhode Island, including one company that now staffs over 200 employees.

As the State of Rhode Island’s first Small Business Ombudsman, she advocated for businesses and helped navigate them through the regulatory process. Centracchio was appointed to the role by Governor Chafee in 2010 and, by June of 2012, coordinated all licenses needed on a state and local level for the America’s Cup World Series and the Volvo Ocean Race in 2015.

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Account Manager.
Chris Ascenio - Traffic Manager

Chris Ascenio -Traffic Manager


It takes the right combination of organization and task management skills to oversee the day-to-day of an advertising agency like GLAD WORKS. Ascenio spent years preparing himself for the role of Traffic Manager—without even realizing it.

Having served eight years as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, personnel management simply became a part of Ascenio’s DNA. Managing production at GLAD WORKS, Ascenio deploys his well-honed leadership skills keeping our team focused, informed, and running like a well-oiled machine. His best laid plans make tackling tasks a priority.

Having also worked as a shift supervisor for a fast-paced printing company, Ascenio embraced a deadline-oriented work ethic and management style. Helping his team define, understand and meet goals is his key to producing successful timelines and projects for our clients. Every day is an opportunity to lead by example, and in a position that has been often been coined “the pulse of the office”, Ascenio has found good communication with his team to be a crucial endeavor when overseeing a multitude of moving parts.

Under Ascenio’s watchful eye, each project beats in time with others—receiving the attention they deserve, from the appropriate team members—all working together, in synch, so nothing misses a beat or a deadline. Ascenio is a team player at his core... And at GLAD WORKS, he gets right to the heart of everything.

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Traffic Manager
Kelvin Ramirez – Web Developer

Kelvin Ramirez -Web Developer


In today’s market, a web presence is critical and your projects demand the right UI/UX experience working on your behalf. An avid programmer from an early age, Ramirez has an undeniable passion for optimized design, new technology, and building online success for his clients.

A graduate of the Las Americas Institute of Technology in the Dominican Republic, Ramirez began his career in education, working as an Instructor with a focus on HTML/CSS, and WordPress theme development. With a natural inclination for the creative side of web development, he realized that the greatest looking website in the world means nothing if the user experience isn’t performing optimally. He embraced a keen understanding that site visitors must be able to navigate with a sense of ease and fluidity—encouraging exploration.

Honing his creative and technical skills, Ramirez spent two years designing and building interactive application prototypes for the Rosmir Group before taking a position in Multimedia Creative for Caribe Media Inc. Six years later, Having relocated to Rhode Island, his background and expertise in languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, PHP along with frameworks like VUE, found him perfectly aligned for his ultimate home at GLAD WORKS.

Tackling his projects with graceful expertise, he values the art of the process—from planning to prototyping. For Ramirez, the joy is in the adventure of getting over a mountain of code to an emerging website on the other side!

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Web Developer
Mario Kirolos - Web Developer

Mario Kirolos -Web Developer


When it comes to outstanding web development, GLAD WORKS has always stood out through our unique marriage of creative and technology. And when it comes to our developers, we seek those unique individuals who can tap into both their left and right brain thinking to help bring our process online. Fortunately for our team, we found Kirolos, who brings with him a passion for problem-solving, a broad skillset, and endless enthusiasm. With focused expertise in PHP, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, and Drupal, he’s ready for just about any challenge that comes his way.

With a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a Double Master’s in International Marketing and Business Administration, Kirolos has shaped his career around these passions. Beginning as a Software Developer in Egypt and Dubai, he began to hone both his technical and professional skills. Management was a natural evolution for Kirolos, and in 2013 he stepped into the role of IT Manager to lead a team of business analysts for TripSymphony in Dubai. After successfully leading and overseeing the offshore setup and operations for the company’s first outsourcing project, Kirolos entered the world of consultancy. As an IT Consultant for Mobadrah Management Consultancy he led a team of six developers as they delivered highly efficient software solutions for government sectors. Wanting to expand upon his love for technology, Kirolos began his for greater knowledge—which lead him to the Hult International Business School in Cambridge, Ma. Never one to sit still, he pursued his double Master’s as well as a Teacher’s Assistant position supporting Global Strategy, Sales, and Digital Marketing courses.

With software development as a core, some management layered in, a little international marketing, oh…and we can’t forget his enthusiasm for SEO and SEM strategies—it was as if Kirolos was tailoring his skills for his role at GLAD WORKS. We think he’s got just the right mix of right-brain, left-brain thinking to spark something special in your next project!

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Web Developer
Zoey Moyal

Zoey Moyal -Designer


To be a successful designer requires innovation. It takes a level of resourcefulness that allows her to adapt to any situation that comes across her desk. And, of course, no small amount of talent. Moyal epitomizes those traits.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island College, Moyal began to hone her career skills while in school through the SA Marketing Department—a student-run advertising agency. Her ambition and enthusiasm for design inspired her to create and launch a magazine for Rhode Island College’s art program, which led to an increase in the number of applicants the following year. Moyal continued riding the momentum. She started at her career right away, working as a graphic designer for the global accessories company, FGX International. Acquainting herself with the ins and outs of marketing, licensing, point-of-purchase, packaging, and print communications, Moyal cemented a true passion for branding. With her skills constantly on the rise and experience spanning from print to digital, corporate to retail, she brings a well-rounded approach to her designs—and awareness of how they will achieve their marketing goals.

After work, Moyal goes home to two dogs, an iguana, eight chickens, ten ducks, 2 geese, and eighteen sugar gliders. Needless to say, she’s a professional when it comes to managing multiple projects at once.

zoey [at] gladworks.com
Matt Kandarian: Designer

Matt Kandarian -Designer


There’s no replacement for passion. For the drive to see a project through with just as much excitement and creative energy at the end as there was at the start. Kandarian represents that fact perfectly.  

An English major with a minor in film studies at the University of Rhode Island, Kandarian’s first steps in the world of graphic design came about – naturally – as he was writing for the school’s literary magazine. As the senior members of the group moved on, he was left to learn the ins and outs of design on his own to keep the magazine running smoothly. Necessity became Kandarian’s teacher. As a member of the board at Perishable Theatre he added poster design and rebranding to his already growing list of skills. He realized just how much he enjoyed this sort of work and made the decision to attend Rhode Island School of Design.

With his RISD|CE Certificate in Graphic Design in hand, Kandarian kicked off this new career path as a Designer at Minuteman Press. The position was a major learning experience, perfectly preparing him for his tech-heavy focus as Design Director at Delin Design. From designing convention and sales booklets, to rebranding campaigns, and the intricacies of studio life, every day presented new opportunities to fine-tune his creative eye even further.

Innovation is the name of the game, and Kandarian knows it well. He’s continued to pave his own way, developing high-quality prints to fit the varying price ranges of different clients and adapting himself to every situation that presented itself, a talent that’s irreplaceable in the ever-shifting world of advertising.

As a big reader and fan of comic books and movies alike, Kandarian looks to put his creativity to the test with a story or two of his own.

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Liam Navin

Liam Navin -Copywriter


Liam Navin is our writer. He is best friends with the Oxford comma. He knows how to throw punches with sentences. “Etymology” is his middle name. David Ogilvy is his hero. And, he’s about a foot shorter than the stack of journals he’s filled.

Having written for fashion brands, lifestyle companies, and freelanced in tech, Navin loves to test his writing skills in every direction possible. A graduate of Art History from Boston College, the trajectory to write professionally began shortly after graduation when he began working as a Creative Content Strategist for Vineyard Vines. Four years later, Navin’s passion for writing was cemented—his talent and career continuing to grow as both an in-house and contract copywriter.

“It’s easy to do this because I love it. Some days, the problems are harder to solve. But the big wins wouldn’t be “big” if they weren’t challenging. And, man, do I love a challenge.”

From headlines in print to long-form digital experiences, he works to create lasting impressions with great stories. “It’s been that way forever,” he says, “I’ve always written. This has always been my thing.”

Even when he’s put his pen, pad, and computer down for the day, an ipad will somehow appear knowing that he has more ideas to share. Whether it’s he’s creating copy, shaping a brand voice, or pitching a new creative idea, Navin couldn’t be happier to have found his place at GLADWORKS—any way we script it, he’s doing what he loves all day.

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Tim Marshall

Tim Marshall -Photographer/Videographer


Marshall was given his first camera when he was in the second grade, and has been developing his craft ever since. After graduating from Rhode Island College with a BFA in Photography, he continued to advance his skills through hard work and ambition. Transitioning his college internship into a staff postion with East Bay Newspapers, Marshall earned a reputation for being a real “Johnny-on-the-spot”. Whether it was breaking news, weather events, sports, or political campaigns, he had that uncanny ability to capture those moments that matter the most.

His experiences with News photography inspired him to help co-found a company, East Bay Video, where he worked as the Videographer/Lead Editor, producing work that aired on PBS and the RI International Film Festival. Through this outlet, Marshall published photos with the Barrington Town Calendar and Providence Journal—while still managing to find time to work the Rhode Island College Presidential Inauguration.

Once his passion for digital imaging started rolling, it just never stopped. He has an eye for photographic composition and cinematography in his soul… and that is precisely what makes him such a great fit with the GLAD WORKS creative team. We’ve got the right on-screen chemistry!

tim [at] gladworks.com